Losing My History – Expat Issues

I’m a storyteller. Sharing funny moments from my life with family and friends is part of my identity. So when we moved overseas to Taiwan, something unexpected happened. In the course of a 13 hour plane ride, I became a nobody. It was as if my life, my stories, my history suddenly became a burner cell phone. Pull the sim and discard in the nearest trash (which by the way, is pretty hard to find here if you know what I mean). If you have moved across cultures, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And it doesn’t necessarily require a … Continue reading Losing My History – Expat Issues

Taiwan’s Most Popular Theme Parks

What’s a kid to do? Here’s a list of Taiwan’s Theme Parks along with contact info, ticket prices, etc. If you have experience, please post a note in the comments to let fellow readers know what you think. Each of Taiwan’s Theme Parks focus on different thematic activities such as folk culture, architecture or recreation. New Taipei City – Formosa Fun Coast Address: No.1-6, Xiaguzi, Bali Dist., New Taipei City 249, Taiwan (R.O.C.) GPS: 25.144045, 121.390312 Located in Bali District of New Taipei City, Formosa Fun Coast is a large-scaled water amusement park in northern Taiwan. The amusement park features two main parks: … Continue reading Taiwan’s Most Popular Theme Parks

Fresh Veggies & Fruit! Taichung’s Big Market

As you have probably already realized, Taichung has more places and options to buy just about anything than most places in the West. There are the five large day markets that serve the major city centers, then many other smaller markets which serve the local neighborhoods, along with Carrefour, PX Mart, Ai Mai, etc. But there may be a spot you don’t know about. The Taichung Vegetable and Fruit Wholesale Market. http://www.tcfv.com.tw/ 40761 台中市西屯區港尾里8鄰中清路2段1558號 Here are the coordinates to plug into your GPS: 24.199633, 120.658059 Bus: 6, 9, 61, 108, 115, 154, 157 will drop you off on the corner close by. … Continue reading Fresh Veggies & Fruit! Taichung’s Big Market