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You can engage our expert consulting services as an individual, or for your businesses, schools or organizations today! Give me a call at +886 979 045 654 or contact me on LINE at toddblackhurst

Why would you need a consultant?

  • Do you have Expats and Nationals who can’t seem to communicate?

  • Are there Workers and Managers who consistently misunderstand each other?

  • In your school, do you have Foreign teachers and National Co-workers who can’t get along?

  • I can help with all types of cross cultural misunderstandings and communication issues

  • The bottom line is you are losing money. Whether through poor customer service, time spent dealing with these issues or mistakes in your processes.

Consulting is a process where we work to make your team and business more successful while maximizing the investment you have already made in your employees. It is expensive to find and retain good employees, so don’t let your good investment go to waste.

I have years of experience and training in human relationships and bringing people together is my specialty.  Let me help you find a way forward that makes you more successful and productive than you have ever been.  Contact me today!

LINE ID: toddblackhurst
PHONE: +886 979 045 654

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