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“No Chinese,  No Problem!”

That’s our goal at Taichung Expat. We want to make it easier for you to experience a great life in Taichung!

What can we do for you?

Taichung Based Services & Information

  • Corporate Culture Training – East / West Cultural Differences (both for Taiwanese & Western Employees)
  • House hunting / Relocation / Contract Negotiation / Furniture / Utilities
  • Shopping Help / Where to buy your favorite things / How to get from here to there / Detailed maps & guides
  • Banking & Postal Services – How to use the mail? (Post Office, 7-11, etc.)
  • Visa Services – How do I get my ARC, NHI, etc.? How do I fill out these Chinese forms?
  • Medical Services – Where do I find a doctor? How do I get my teeth cleaned? I need some medicine…
  • Driver’s Licenses – How do I get a driver’s license, buy a car or scooter, and how do I make sure I’m legal and insured.

In all the places where you need someone to communicate clearly and help make sure not only are you understood, but that you understand, we are here to help.

Send me a message using Line or by text and I’ll do what I can to help you. If I’m available, I’ll help you with instant translation or send a message with the Chinese you need. LINE: toddblackhurst  Text: +886 979 045 654

Cultural Training & Seminars
The difference between east and west is both interesting and perplexing. How do you tip for good service here? How do you express gratitude? How do you accept a dinner invitation? Split the check? How do you express anger without ruining your relationships? Handshake, hug or nothing? What’s appropriate when?

These situations cause those of us from the West many problems in Asia. Our understanding of both cultures can give you a head’s up and an ability to make long-lasting friendships, business relationships and enjoy living in a city where it is difficult to understand what that funny look means.

Are you having trouble in a work relationship, a relationship with your landlord. Ask for some help. It might be a simple cultural misunderstanding. Having someone who can help you navigate these situations and smooth things over can really add to your quality of life here.

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