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Central Taichung History & Culture Tour

Are you interested in the history and culture of Taichung City? Do you like exploring? Come join us for a walking tour of the old downtown and learn some Taichung history and culture while having fun.

Here are some of the places we’ll explore:

  • The First & Second Markets – the First Market will be closed September 20th and moved to a new location, it will never be the same as it is right now, this piece of old Taichung will disappear forever.
  • The Taichung Train Station – soon to be closed and turned into a museum.
  • The Traditional Chinese Medicine & Herb Market
  • Electronic Alley
  • Taichung Park
  • The Saturday Jade Market
  • First Square – one of the most international parts of our city with shops from all over Southeast Asia.Also on our tour we’ll stop in at several of Taichung’s most famous and well known bakeries and eateries that you may have never heard about, but are still quite famous with Taiwanese. I’ll show you the first Sun Cake Factory, the most famous sandwich in Taichung, and you can try some traditional herbal tea at one of the Chinese medicine shops.  learn where to bring your friends and buy gifts and souvenirs for that next trip home.Use this link to sign up and indicate your interest! Space is limited.CLICK HERE 

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