2016 Taiwan Expat Survey Results

The Survey Results Are In!

Click Here to view the Results

This summer I’ll be working on addressing some of the issues and thoughts raised through your comments. Thank you to everyone for participating.

One thought on “2016 Taiwan Expat Survey Results

  1. Thank you for all this information!!!
    We were thinking about enrolling our son to an Emile preschool yoyo class. The fees are more expensive than the one in the post above.
    22000 registration fees plus 12500 per months and some extra for bowls etc. This is for the small small class 2-3 year olds. This is a branch near the botanical garden. Do you have any information about Chinese language development? Since we are not native Chinese speaking parents , we think it is important that he gets enough Chinese language input, like songs and story books, poems. Any idea or information about this part?

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