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City Cafe by 7-11 Delivery in Taiwan

Did you know you can get the 7-11 coffee menu delivered right to your door? Well, many of you can. Check with your local 7-11 to see if they offer delivery service. There should be a “City Cafe” sign in the window that has this message underneath – 咖啡外送.

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You can pick up a business card inside that looks like the one below for the detailed information. If you don’t speak Chinese, be sure to bring your address in Chinese for them to look at and tell you if it is in their delivery area. You can place your order at the store for delivery later or call on the phone and they will bring it to you.  Minimum order is $200TWD.

Business Card Front


This card tells you this information:

Coffee Delivery Service
Delivery area: FengLe Area
Delivery times: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Phone #: 04-2421-4855
Cell #: 0981-969-557

Also, this card has a clip off coupon on the bottom that allows you to order 10 or more medium size drinks and get one free medium size drink. (however it’s expired)


Back of Business Card – this is the menu you can order from.


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