Swimming Pools in Taichung / How to Escape the Heat

By Todd Blackhurst

游泳池 – These are the Chinese characters for swimming pool. You can copy and paste them into google maps and search near your location for a pool. Here is a list of most of the public pools in Taichung as well as some things you might not know if you are new to Taiwan/Taichung.

  1. Everyone is expected to shower before swimming.
  2. Everyone is expected to wear a swimming cap (these can be purchased at the pool or across the street from almost every pool there will be a small store that sells all types of swimming gear including caps and discount entrance tickets to the pools. Purchase your tickets here once you have selected a pool and save some money)
  3. Most Taiwanese swim for exercise and so their pools are set up for lap swimming, not for play. However, if you want to take your children to play, there are a few pools that have areas designated for this or you can usually find a place to engage in some playtime with your kids. Just realize it’s not the norm.
  4. Some pools have a special slide or equipment for fun, however it’s usually not open during the week, mostly on weekends when families can come to enjoy the pool.
  5. Many pools also have some type of spa pools with different temperatures. In addition, some sprays that you can use to massage your body.
  6. Also, some pools will have a workout room. These vary in quality, but with a membership, you can also use this facility.
  7. For the locations which have websites, there is a clickable link.

6 thoughts on “Swimming Pools in Taichung / How to Escape the Heat

    1. Hey Stephen, great to hear from you, can you send me your address in Chinese or a picture of your address plate on your door and I’ll find some options close to you. Happy to help however I can. Please feel free to use my LINE ID to send this information: toddblackhurst

    1. It depends on what you mean by heated? Many of the pools at these locations are indoor pools and are open year round, but the temp might be a little lower than what you are used to in your home country. However, people do swim year round here.

      1. Ok sounds like theyre mostly not heated.

        Btw, i will be arriving in Taichung in January. Is it safe to ride a motorbike this time of year or do there tend to be more road accidents due to the wet weather?

        Also, any recommendations on places to rent a motorbike or car?


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