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Here is a list of numbers I recommend every expat have in their phone, posted in their home and know for that time we hope will never come.

110 for police assistance (you can call this number and ask for English assistance)
119 for fire or ambulance
112 is a general purpose emergency number that will work even if you don’t have a SIM card in your phone
113 is the domestic violence hotline (provides first response and counseling)

I spent some time at the Foreign Affairs Police Office talking with their representative today and learned a few helpful facts that you might be interested in.

  • If you are in an accident and no one is hurt, call 110 immediately and ask for English assistance. The Police will dispatch a translator to help you.
  • Do not engage in any type of conversation with the other party until the police arrive.
  • Call your insurance company and ask them to send a representative. (Make sure you are carrying plenty of insurance)
  • If someone is hurt, call 119 and ask for an ambulance.
  • Use your car camera or phone camera to record any conversations, footage or other information that might be helpful. It can all be used as evidence by the police.
  • If you feel threatened, you should immediately call the police or ask someone to help you call the police. Find the nearest convenience store or anyone who will help you. Do not engage someone unless your personal safety is threatened. According to Taiwanese Civil Law, you may only meet a physical threat with enough force to repel the threat.

In the event of any language difficulties, you can call the Information for Foreigners hotline on 0800-024-111 and they will help you contact the relevant emergency services.

In addition to knowing this information, I recommend that you check this website operated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and obtain the contact information for your countries representative office. CLICK HERE

You can also check these websites and obtain the information for your countries representative office in Taiwan:
Check here, and HERE

Taiwanese Government Assistance for Expats

The Taiwanese government also offers some support to foreign residents who have difficulty communicating in Mandarin. It is the same hotline that I mentioned above.

It is known as the International Community Service Hotline, a free service that operates 24 hours a day in Mandarin, English, and Japanese. The staff are able to answer questions on a whole range of topics including visas, healthcare, taxes, work and more. The hotline number is 0800-024-111. If they are unable to answer your question at the time of your call, they should offer to call you back with an answer later in the day. The online version of this service can be found at iff.immigration.gov.tw, though it is often quicker to call the helpline.

The Foreign Spouse Information Hotline provides consultation and information for foreign spouses. Help is provided in Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian and Indonesian languages. 0800-088-885

The Foreign Worker Hotline provides consultation, appeal filings and referrals to other departments for legal advice and other assistance. Assistance is also offered in Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino and Indonesian. Dial 1955

The Public Service Hotline provides consultation services for matters involving foreign affairs, passport applications, visas for foreigners, document notarizations and related areas. 02-2380-5678

0922-958-110 is the direct line to the Foreign Affairs English Police in Taichung. You may call this number directly and ask for help if the options above don’t provide the help you need.

For those of you who live in other cities, I recommend you visit the Foreign Affairs Officer for your precinct and make sure you know what any special numbers or procedures may be followed or in place for your locale. They will more than likely appreciate and welcome your visit. If you find any special information that would be helpful for others to know, please send me a note so I can add it to this document. 

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