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Map of Taichung City Districts

Taichung has 29 districts. The Chinese character for District is, which in pinyin is spelled QU.

There are eight districts which make up the downtown area. This is considered the traditional Taichung City, the remaining districts were annexed by the city in 2010. They were originally known as Taichung County.

Central District – Zhong Qu (中區): This area encompasses the old downtown core including: Taichung Park, The Train Station, The First & Second Markets, The Chinese Medicine Market, SunCake Street, the old City Hall, ZhongHua Road Night Market, the Saturday morning Jade Market, and First Square which has become a home for the southeast asian community.

North District – Bei Qu (北區): This district has such landmarks as the Science Museum, Botanical Gardens,  Chungyo Department Store, Chungshan Performing Arts Hall, Yizhong Night Market, China Medical University Hospital, Taichung Yizhong First Senior High School, The Taichung Confucius Temple, and the Stella Matutina Girls Catholic School.

West District – Xi Qu (西區): Includes Taichung City Hall, The Art Museum, The One Building, People’s Park, Sogo Department Store, Nova Computer Paradise,  and the WuQuan Parkway. This district is also host to a good number of foreigner owned restaurants.

East District – Dong Qu (東區): This area which is largely behind the train station includes the Taroko Department Store.

South District – Nan Qu (南區): This district has the amazing National Public Library. In addition, there is the Mutou Wood Factory, one of Taichung’s own specialty shops.

North Village District – Beitun (北屯區): This district ranges from on the far east the beautiful Dakeng scenic area to the more urban area surrounding the Taichung Folk Park. Also includes Morrison Academy.

East Village District – Xitun (西屯區): In the north-east of this district is the Shuinan/ZhongQing bus stop area, and to the north-west the new science park as well as the Metropolitan Park – both on DaDu Mountain. Near the Metropolitan Park is Art Street and TungHai University. To the south-west is the Taichung Industrial park. Closer into the city and down the hill is the World Trade Center and the Sun Mall. Closer into town is ChaoMa bus stop area, Fengjia University and the nearby nightmarket, Mitsukoshi Dept. Store, Tiger City Mall and the Idee Shopping Center.

South Village District – Nantun (南屯區): Parts of the Taichung Industrial Park, the Lakeside Shopping Street and the FengLe Sculpture park are all in this district.

The following districts are organized loosely from north to south, west to east:

DaJia (大甲區): Includes the famous DaJia Matsu Temple where the Matsu pilgrimage begins and ends every year.

Daan (大安區): This district has one of the only beaches close to Taichung which is open for swimming and surfing.

Qingshui (清水區): Includes the Seaport Art Center, the Wuqi Fish Market, Gaomei Wetlands, Dayang Fuel Depot, Qingshui Zi Yun Yen Temple and the Taichung International Airport.

Wuqi (梧棲區): Includes Wuqi Old Street and Taichung Port

Longjing (龍井區): Art Street

Dadu (大肚區): Includes Dadu Mountain and the Old Huangxi School.

Waipu (外埔區): Stone Park – they raise stone crabs here and there is a restaurant where you can eat them fresh!

Shalu (沙鹿區): Includes Taichung Metropolitan Park

Houli (后里區): Includes Houli Horse Farm (from the Japanese days), Zhongshe Flower Market, Taian Railroad Cultural Park, Yamay Resort, and the Houli Saxophone House.

Shengang (柛岡區): The DaMing Temple is located in this district between Highway 1 and 4.

Daya (大雅區): This district has Taichung’s famous Japanese school along with an Aboriginal People’s Cultural Center.

Wuri (烏日區): The High Speed Rail Station and the old Wuri Brewery.

Fengyuan (豐原區): Museum of Weaving Handicrafts, Gonglaoping Scenic Area, Fengyuan Lacquer Art Museum.

Tanzi (潭子區): Includes Shitian Hiking Trails, Bhuddist TzuChu Hospital, Ivy High School, Washington Elementary School.

Taiping (太平區): Includes Toubiankeng Bat Cave, Dog-Biting Cave Ecological Landscape Path

Dali (大里區): Children’s Art Museum (possibly closed – check before you go), Daliyi Old Street

Wufeng (霧峰區): The 921 Earthquake Museum, Wufeng Lin Garden, Taiwan Provincial Council Memorial Garden

Dengshi (東勢區): Dongshi Forest Recreation Farm, Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park

Shigang (石岡區): Shigang Dam, Tuniu Hakka Cultural Museum

Xinshe (新社區): Xinshe Coffee Garden District, Baileng jun

Heping (和平區): Wuling Farm, Lishan Scenic Area, Fushoushan Farm, Guguan Hotsprings Scenic Area, Deji Reservior, Daxueshan Forest Recreation Area, Baixianshan Forest Recreation Area


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