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Expat Survival Course

THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST – I’m planning the next date now.  If you are interested, but didn’t get a chance to sign up for our last course, please send me a message so I can put you on the list for the next one. LINE ID: toddblackhurst

What? Come join us for a fun evening learning about Taichung, Taiwanese culture, tips for easier living in Taichung, help with cultural understanding and awareness and some great survival Chinese that will help you right now!

When? TBA

Who? Todd Blackhurst of taichungexpat.com
Freelance Translator, Cultural Commentator, Taichung Info Exchange Admin

Topics Include:

  • Taichung History – some great things you should know about your new hometown.
  • What Taiwanese people want you to know, but probably won’t or may not tell you.
  • How to find things even with a significant language barrier.
  • Am I in culture shock? What is it and how do I manage it.
  • What are some great things to do, special events, places to see? or How do I keep from going crazy?
  • What do you need to know about Taiwanese culture that will help you survive and thrive?
  • How to use your smartphone and really take advantage of some great tools to communicate, get around and get along.
  • Getting around in Taichung.
  • Making friends across cultures.
  • How to see a doctor and get medicine when you are sick. (Western & Eastern) Understanding the NHI system.
  • How to communicate if you don’t speak Chinese?
  • What you didn’t know about 7-11 that you should. How to use the iBon system.
  • Etiquette and Taboos in Taiwan that matter to you as a foreigner. (you don’t need to observe everything, but there are a few things that matter)
  • Survival Chinese that doesn’t take a year to learn – how to start learning Chinese and stick with it. What are the tools available to help you when you are already exhausted and worn out.
  • Driving & Surviving (There are laws and then there’s survival)
  • I’m a teacher, but it’s not what I expected…

REVIEWS from Past Attendees:

TaichungExpat’s seminar focused on relevant information regarding a wide range of everyday problems expats in Taichung encounter. I was impressed with the detail and amount of research TaichungExpat had done on every topic that was raised during the course of the seminar. Even after living in Taichung for over two years, I was able to learn a great deal from his expat seminar about life in Taichung. He truly is THE one-stop resource for all kinds of information about life in Taiwan and, more specifically, life in Taichung. I highly recommend TaichungExpat’s website and any seminars he puts on. He’s a wealth of information and, on top of that, a friendly and approachable guy.

Name: Ethan
Age: 24
Yrs in Taiwan: 4+
Yrs in Taichung: 2+
Occupation: International Trade

I had the pleasure of attending the expat seminar hosted by Todd Blackhurst. In the seminar, Todd shares his knowledge and experience in Taiwan while allowing attendees to contribute as well. Many subjects are covered, including transportation, entertainment, and language resources. But special attention is paid to the often understated aspect of cultural differences. Todd not only addresses taboos, but also uses history and tradition to clarify local behaviors which are otherwise hard to grasp. This seminar has been very helpful in easing the transition into life in Taiwan. It’s also a great resource for meeting other expats and particularly Todd himself who is more than happy to provide any assistance.

Name: Jude

As promised, the Expat Survival Course delivered a fun evening learning about Taichung and the culture here. The meal was great and there was time to make new friends. There wasn’t quite enough time to cover all the topics, but contacts were shared and follow up opportunities made available. I recommend this class as a good introduction to Taichung and as a way to connect with others.

Name: G Sharp


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