What’s Your Favorite Blog?

I love to discover new and interesting things about my adopted country. Taiwan, although small, seems to have so many different facets, you could spend a lifetime and still not understand all the nuances or make it to all the various places tucked away around this island.

Here are a couple of my favorite blogs that help me find new and interesting places to explore:

I haven’t had a chance to meet these guys yet, but I hope to at some point, their photography speaks for itself.

Josh Ellis – Check out his current piece on a really unique Taiwan festival that involves the sacrifice of fattened pigs. You can link back to his main site where you can check out his stunning photography.

Alexander Synaptic – Also one of my favorites. He’s spent a great amount of time traveling the island and posts some equally great shots of interesting and out of the way places.

So, now it’s your turn, who do you like? Share your favorite blogs, photo sites or even some of your own shots in the comments.

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