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The First Ever Taichung Expat Restaurant Awards

Congratulations to all of these great establishments for the great service they provide to Expats in Taichung. That taste of home we all crave from time to time. If you don’t know where to find these spots, be sure to check out my post on Expat Restaurants in Taichung.

The first category goes to total votes received.

The Top 10 Total Votes Received
#1 – Pizza Rock
#2 – Finga’s
#3 – Uptowner
#4 – Vini’s Deli
#5 – Gordon Biersch
#6 – TGI Friday’s
#7 – Early Bird Diner
#8 – Mum’n Pop’s Cafe
#9 – Chili’s
#10 – Carmichaels

Based On Your #1 Votes, the Top 3 Results Are:
#1 – Uptowner
#2 – Carmichaels
#3 – Finga’s

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Of the respondents:
88 said they eat out 1-5 times per week
43 said they eat out 6-10 times per week
19 said they eat out 11-15 times per week
15 said they eat out 16-20 times per week
8 people eat out every meal each week!

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