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By Todd Blackhurst

Are you looking for a place to immerse your children in the Mandarin Chinese language or just have something fun to do?

Here are the options that are available along with a few other camps just for fun.

Morrison Academy – CAMP MUSTANG 馬禮遜美國學校夏令營
Summer is just around the corner and it is never too early to get a jump on planning summer fun for your child. Camp Mustang registration will open on March 1. Save the Dates!
May 30 – June 3
June 6 – June 10
July 25 – July 29

With new, exciting programs like Robotics and Legomation, you can be certain that Camp Mustang will be a highlight of your child’s summer. The new Morrison pool will be open and back by popular demand the water fun park will offer campers a wonderful break from the heat. Check for updates and the opportunity to register your child.
第一梯次 – 五月三十日至六月三日
第二梯次 – 六月六日至六月十日
第三梯次 – 七月二十五日至七月二十九日

今年將新增機器人和樂高課程,相信您的孩子可以體驗難忘的暑假。大家期待已久的游泳池也將啟用,孩子們可以在炎熱的夏季裡清涼一下! 最新報名資訊,請上


National Taichung University of Education
Children’s Chinese Summer Camp

This appears to be the only program located in Taichung. There are 2, 4 and 6 week sessions for children ages 7-12.

This is the only camp based program. I have read a few online reviews of the camp and frankly – I would like to go! Here is a description from their website: 24/7 Chinese Language: For Mandarin Camp, Camp Taiwan is conducted entirely in Chinese. Campers will sing songs, learn activities and play games – all in Chinese. Great for Chinese learners and for native speakers who want the Camp Taiwan experience, but whose English isn’t quite good enough for our traditional summer camp.

Chinese and Taiwanese Cultural Activities: Campers will learn about Chinese and Taiwanese culture through crafts, games and song. Forty-five minutes from Taipei, Camp Taiwan is nestled on 80 acres on the North Coast of Taiwan in the foothills between Jin Shan and Wan Li.

National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Summer Camp

This is a Taipei based camp for 8-15 year olds. It is suggested that students stay with family or friends. This camp is classroom based. There is an extensive Q&A at the web link. Please check it out if you are interested in this option.

Tuition: $1450 USD / 43500NT

National Taiwan Normal University Little Master Camp

This is a Taipei camp for 6-9 Year olds.

Session 1:June 22 ~ July 10, 2015
Session 2:July 13 ~ July 31, 2015
Session 3:July 27~ August 14, 2015

Tuition: $41,000NT

Mandarin Learning Center / Chinese Culture Center

Another Taipei based camp. Click 01_2015 Mandarin Summer Camp(English) to download the brochure. There are too many options to list.

Mandarin Daily News Children’s Summer Camp

Another Taipei based camp. Three sessions with full and half day courses for children ages 6-15.

Camp Beyond

This is not a Mandarin Camp, but it is a summer camp and weekend camp for teens in Taiwan. Check out their website for details.

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