How to Print a Picture or Document at 7-Eleven in Taiwan

By Todd Blackhurst

Here’s the easy way to print a document or picture at 7-11. Almost anyone can do it!

1. From your phone or computer, choose a document or photo. In my experience, PDF files work the best when choosing documents, so if possible try to export a word, google doc or pages file to pdf before sending to 7-11. The format will print better at the end.

2. E-mail the photo to [email protected]

3. You will receive an e-mail with your a code (good for 72 hours)

4. Go to any 7-Eleven and enter the code into the iBon machine. There are several steps required to get the document to print, but if you can ask the attendant to help you, you can take pictures as they do it and then learn the steps yourself. This is how I did it the first time. Now I can do it on my own.

5. You can print a full color picture or your document in a variety of sizes and formats. It’s like having a personal printer all over the island.

If you need a large number of copies, it definitely makes sense to take your file or the copy to a print shop, but if you just need one copy or a few copies made, then 7-11 is definitely a convenient and easy place to get this done quickly and on the go.

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