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I’m Moving to Taichung!

By Todd Blackhurst

Moving to Taichung? New to town?
What do you need to know? Where do you find help?

First, welcome to one of the great cities in Taiwan and all of Asia. Taichung is an amazing and incredible place to live. Hopefully, you will have a great experience living here. While I can’t answer all your questions in one post, I can get you started and offer to help if you need it.

First off,  I’m Todd Blackhurst. I moved my family to Taichung a little over two years ago. We’re from Texas and we love it here. I have a wife and three children, all from the US. We didn’t speak any Mandarin or really know anything about Taichung when we arrived, but we do now and we have learned a lot about our new home. We’re happy to share what we know because we love this city and want to make it easy for others to live here and love it as we do.

We know most people like to try and do things on their own, so first off, here are some websites where you can find some of the help you need.

First, there is this site, Taichung Expat. I work at making some of the harder things to do here easier. Also, I have a Facebook page with the same name where you can find more current event and time sensitive information. Feel free to ask questions on the page, I’ll do my best to help you find what you need.

Second, be sure to check out the other helpful (and some not so helpful resources online)

On these sites, you are going to find most of the information you need related to Visa’s, Work Permits, Food, Driving, Licenses, Maps, etc.

Now – what if you still need help. Just ask! That’s what we are here for. If I can possibly help you, I will be glad to do whatever I can. I can speak and read Mandarin well enough to get most things done around town and I have plenty of friends all over the city. Would you like a walking tour of your new neighborhood to figure out what’s what and where to shop? I’ll be happy to assist? Do you need help going to an office to work on your visa or some other paperwork? I’ll be glad to do that also.

Send me a message at [email protected] or add me on Line: toddblackhurst

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