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As you have probably already realized, Taichung has more places and options to buy just about anything than most places in the West. There are the five large day markets that serve the major city centers, then many other smaller markets which serve the local neighborhoods, along with Carrefour, PX Mart, Ai Mai, etc.

But there may be a spot you don’t know about. The Taichung Vegetable and Fruit Wholesale Market.
40761 台中市西屯區港尾里8鄰中清路2段1558號
Here are the coordinates to plug into your GPS: 24.199633, 120.658059
Bus: 6, 9, 61, 108, 115, 154, 157 will drop you off on the corner close by.

This market is filled with individual stands selling just about every kind of vegetable and fruit you can imagine. Are you missing that special something from home? Chances are you can find it here. If you don’t speak Chinese, bring a friend and a picture of what you are looking for. Be patient and there is a good chance someone will take you to the right place or tell you when and where you can find it. We’ve been looking for yellow squash so we can make some of our favorite squash dishes from Texas and finally found a supplier here to sell us some in bulk. It took a little while of walking around and talking to different people, but it was worth the effort.

Prices vary from stand to stand. Don’t take the first offer, be prepared to negotiate for a fair price, and bring something to carry your haul in. They sell in bulk here, so you’ll need to purchase a box of fruit generally or a fairly big quantity of vegetables unless you find a friendly dealer willing to sell smaller portions. Or bring a friend and share the expense of buying in bulk. Keep one eye on the produce and one eye on the walkway – there are scooters, trucks and dollys moving every which way through this market.

As always, we are here to help. If you find these types of environments a little intimidating, give us a call and we’ll go with you and help you know how to navigate, negotiate and get what you want.

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