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There are lots of value added cards around Taiwan, but for foreigners who don’t speak Chinese, it can be difficult to know who has them, get one and understand the membership benefits. Here at Taichung Expat, we want to make things simpler for you – and as a special Thank You to all of you who have liked our Facebook Page, we want to give you this early preview of a service we’ll be offering soon.

The CPC Gas Card can be applied for by filling out an application at one of the CPC service stations that accept applications. It is my understanding that not all of the stations accept applications, but all will award points. So as you stop in to purchase gas, ask for an application. Once you begin accumulating points, they can be used in this way:

  • 5000 points for $25NT Gas
  • 20000 points for $100NT Family Mart, 7/11 or PX Mart Card
  • 22000 points for an additive to your gas to make the engine run better
  • 6000 points for an additive to your scooter gas
  • 10000 points for a car hand wash at CPC
  • 20000 points for a large truck wash at CPC
  • 10000 points for VIP membership
  • 16000 points for 10 boxes of tissues
  • 12000 points for a 24 bottle case of water


Use the attached guide to help you  fill out your application.  We’ve noted in English what to place in the fields using the notes provided. Again, if you would like some help, please let us know and we’ll be happy to provide some help for you.

Once you receive your card, CLICK HERE to create your user account online where you can check your balance. The tricky part of registering is making sure you have filled out your user information completely and using the Taiwan year for your birthday. I actually had to call CPC to get my account set up, but they were very helpful – in Chinese of course. You could ask a friend to help you if you don’t speak or send me a note and I’ll be happy to help you.

Present the card every time you fill up for gas and begin collecting points. Make sure your translator is on in your browser, then you can click on this link: CLICK HERE and in the dropdown, choose Taichung or whatever city you wish to browse. A list of stores will pop up showing all of the discounts you can get when presenting your CPC card at checkout.

CPCApplicationHere is the the example application.

Card Guidelines

You must present your card before or while refueling. You cannot retroactively get points.

You must purchase $50NT or more of gas to earn points. Points are only earned on fuel purchases.

Self Service Stations do not earn points.

When you want to use the card for a discount at one of the participating merchants, please present the card before initiating checkout.

Points expire after two years.

If you lose your card, you must pay $80NT to cancel the old card and transfer your points to a new card.

The terms of this agreement are covered in a Mandarin document and governed as such. That document can be downloaded by clicking here.


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