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In order for the links in this post to display somewhat correctly in your browser, you need to have a translation program enabled in your browser. For instructions, please google, (your browser name + mandarin instant translation) for instructions.

Looking for a parking spot before you head out? If you have a car, you know how difficult it is to find a parking spot in Taichung. Here are a couple of great tools the city provides for your help.

Click here to open the interactive online browser of the city’s parking lots. This page also will direct you to both an iPhone and Android app you can download for your phone. Once the browser is open, just double click on the map to zoom in. You can then click on a specific “P” to query the individual parking lot status. If you don’t read Mandarin, no problem. Here’s how to interpret the pop-up.
Screenshot 2015-02-22 14.04.23

The bottom line is the real time status of the parking lot. The first number is the one you need to know. This is how many spots are still available. This lot still has 82 spots free.

In addition, Taichung has a pretty sophisticated traffic network with great tools for monitoring and keeping up with current traffic conditions. Click here to open the traffic website. There are some tabs right above the map window that offer some options to the screen. The left most tab will display several cameras on the screen. If you click on the camera, a realtime video feed will pop up. Also, by clicking on a section of road that is highlighted (red, yellow or green) you can see the current speed of traffic at that particular location.

What if your car gets towed? CLICK HERE to open up the Taichung towed car lot info site. Type your license plate in the blank and click enter. Have your translator enabled and you may need a chinese speaking friend to help you, but at least you’ll be able to get your vehicle back.

Hope this is helpful. Let us know if there is something else related to traffic that you would find useful.

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