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By Todd Blackhurst

There are lots of options for movies in Taichung. Here is a list of theaters along with links. Ticket prices range from 180NT at the discount cinemas to 700NT plus for the Gold Class tickets at Tiger City. At most of the cinemas, it is acceptable to bring in your own food and drink to enjoy during the show.

Click Here for the Taichung Expat Map and type Movie in the search field to map the theaters. Enjoy the show!

Vieshow at Tiger City
Vieshow Gold Class at Tiger City
Vieshow at Mode Mall Department Store (near the Train Station)
Vieshow at Top City Department Store
Click this link for all the Vieshow Showtimes – Choose the Cinema with the dropdown and the list will update momentarily.

ShinKong Cineplex at  Mitsukoshi Department Store

Sunrise Theater Wovie Cinema (Sogo Department Store)

Wonderful Cinema (Discount / 2nd Run)

ChinChin Cinema (First Run / plus popcorn and a pop for 50 bucks. And the tickets have points, get 6 points (usually three tickets) you can get a free ticket. – From Taichung Expat Reader Neil Keleher)

Universal Cinema (Discount / 2nd Run)

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