Printing at 7-11 in Taichung (Updated 5/3/2015)

By Todd Blackhurst

7-11 is probably my favorite store in Taichung. Why you ask? Because you can take care of almost anything there – and get a slurpee!

Printing, Copies, Train & Bus Tickets, Paying bills, and picking up groceries. You can even order full meals and have them delivered straight to your door. Do you need to send something to someone across the island or across town? Then 7-11 is just as convenient as the post office.

In this post, I’ll show you how to print at 7-11 from your home computer.

In every 7-11 there is a computer station called iBon. This is an incredibly useful terminal, but unfortunately, it is all Chinese. However, from your home computer, you can use Google Chrome to translate the ibon website, upload your files and then head to 7-11 and print them.

Here are the file types you can print:

  Microsoft Office (doc、docx、ppt、pptx、xls、xlsx、txt、ini、pdf、jpg、gif、bmp)


Updated Information: now, instead of having to use the iBon website, you can email any of the printable file formats directly to the system busy attach the file to an email and mail it to [email protected] 

You will receive an email back shortly with your code which you can then use at the iBon machine to print your file. Or you can use these Instructions below to upload files from your computer. 

  1. CLICK HERE to go to the iBon file upload page.
  2. Click the circle under the scroll down window to agree to the terms.
  3. Put your name or a username in the first fill in box. (English is fine – limit 10 characters)
  4. Type your E-mail in the second box – the code you need to call up the information at 7-11 is sent to this address.
  5. Choose your file. There is a 5 MB limit on file size. However, there is no limit on the number of documents you can upload.
  6. Click the button underneath to upload. If your upload is successful, you will be taken to a confirmation page if the upload was successful.
  7. Shortly after uploading you will receive an e-mail confirming your upload with the reference number to use at the iBon station in any 7-11 store.
  8. At the 7-11 store, you can show the e-mail to an attendant and ask for help. The steps to call up the document are not complicated, however you will need to commit them to memory if you want to use this service yourself.
  9. At the iBon terminal there are a few steps to input your code. You will input your number and then there will be several options for paper size, b&w or color, front and back printing, etc. (this is where the attendant will be helpful if you don’t read Mandarin).
  10. Print, check your document, take the receipt to the counter and pay.

Uploaded documents will stay in the iBon system for 3 days (72 hours) from the time you upload them.

Hope this is helpful. As always, if you need help, please use the form below to contact us at TaichungExpat!

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