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By Todd Blackhurst

The seemingly elusive Taiwanese Driver’s License, how can it be obtained?

Check out the details below and I’ll show you how to get your very own license here in Taiwan. It’s really not that difficult, and if you plan on driving a car and/or a scooter in Taiwan, you must possess either a valid Taiwan Driver’s License or a recognized International Driver’s License.

First – Can you drive without a TWDL? Here’s the official government answer to that question: You may drive in Taiwan for up to thirty days after landing without IDP, after which an International Driving Permit is granted on the basis of equality and reciprocity. You must furnish these Documents to obtain an IDP:
– Valid international driver’s license issued by home country.
– Valid domestic driver’s license issued by home country.
– Passport or residence permit.
– One 1 x 1 inch ID photo (taken within the last 6 months)

After thirty days of your arrival in Taiwan, the only way to drive legally is with a valid TW IDP. Your IDP is valid for a maximum of one year, subject to validity of your original domestic driver’s license which means if your original DL expires during that time, so does your TW IDP. (of course some people do continually renew their IDP from year to year, however, according to the government, this is not legal)

If you have an ARC that is valid for at least a year, then you have these other options available to you:

You can check to see if Taiwan and your home country (or state) have a reciprocity agreement) Here is a link to the Taiwan Motor Vehicle website where you can check the list of states and countries with reciprocal license agreements. CLICK HERE

If you do, then you can apply for your driver’s license using these instructions. CLICK HERE to find the official list including downloadable application. I would suggest that you take a Chinese speaker (if you are not one) with you to the DMV to complete the application process as it will help things to go more smoothly.

Another way to get your driver’s license if you have a valid ARC is to go to one of the recognized driving school’s take the test and pass. You can find one here: This is one on Taiyuan Road and they do accept foreigners for both practice and they also arrange for you to take the written tests.
GPS: 24.163829, 120.702945

Here is a link to the government practice test site. CLICK HERE.

Happy Driving!

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