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Being in an accident in a foreign country can be frightening. This is a situation where you want to be sure you are covered no matter who is at fault. Purchasing the right kind of insurance is a must when living in Taiwan. Your insurance company can help you when you find yourself in a mess. Some companies will even send a representative to speak for you when an accident occurs. We consider this a must! Check this post for Emergency Information.

Basic insurance coverage in Taiwan does not cover your vehicle, only the driver. You must request and purchase additional coverage for your passengers, vehicle and damage to other vehicles and property. Rates will not vary substantially between companies, but service may depending on the ability of your agent to speak English and assist you in an accident. Here are our recommendations for coverage.

Compulsory Motor Liability Insurance
Medical treatment coverage/per person Up to NT$200,000
Disability or Death /per person Up to NT$1,500,000

Voluntary Motor Third Party Liability Insurance
Bodily injury or death /per person Up to NT$4million
Bodily injury or death /per accident Up to NT$8million
Property damage Up to NT$500,000

Excess Liability Insurance –  Bodily injury, death or property damage up to NT$6million

Passengers’ Comprehensive Insurance
Medical treatment coverage for both the driver and each passenger in your car up to NT$400,000
Disability or Death for the driver and each passenger in your car up to NT$4million

Collision Insurance
Limited Indemnity for repair costs related to property damage up to NT$100,000

Here’s an image you can show your agent to help you. This is supplemental insurance to go along with your basic coverage required by the government.

Screenshot 2014-09-24 21.17.49 - Version 2

If you need help finding an insurance agent or negotiating, please contact us for help.

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