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Paying your bills in Taichung is one of the most convenient parts of living in this great city and country. Here is how simple it is:

Any bill you receive that has a set of bar codes can be taken to any convenience store and paid at the counter. This includes 7-11, Family Mart and Hi-Life. Just hand the bill to the clerk, they will ring it up, pay them in cash, they will give you the receipt along with your part of the bill, stamped to show it has been paid. Electric, Gas, Phone, Internet, Cell, anything that comes to you with a set of bar codes.

You can also pay bills through any ATM. This requires a bit of patience. You will need the bank code and account number you are sending money to. Make sure this is correct. If you send money to the wrong account, it can be difficult to retrieve and maybe impossible. I suggest asking a Taiwanese friend to teach you this process.

If you are late making a payment, you will need probably need to go to the real business office for the bill you are paying.

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