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School closings, trash pickup, typhoon days, news? Where do you go for information in Taichung? Here is a collection of the best websites for getting information directly from the source. Mostly in English unless noted. More sites will be added, so check back often.

Be sure to add a browser extension that converts Mandarin to English. It isn’t perfect, but it does help when browsing websites that have limited translation.

Taichung City Government – (English & Mandarin) The English site has limited information for foreigners. The Mandarin site is extensive. Even with google translate enabled, sometimes difficult to understand. If you are looking for something specific, please ask for help.

Trash Pickup – (Mandarin) If you know your address in Mandarin, you can use this site to find out when the trash pickup is for your street. Very helpful!

Central Weather Bureau – (English & Mandarin) Forecasts, Typhoon news and updates, Earthquake information. Along with information related to government Typhoon closings.


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