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Taichung has a great medical community. Many doctors have extensive training in both the West and East. Taiwan uses a nationalized insurance system. If you are in the system, then you can access all of the services the system has to offer. If you self-pay, then you also can access the system, it will just require a little more time on the front end of each visit.

When you visit a doctor’s office or hospital, you will need to provide your ARC, Passport or NHI Card. If you use your NHI card at the hospital, you will be assigned a time, number and office for your doctor / specialist visit. When you arrive, there will usually be a computer screen with a place to insert your NHI card. Insert the card and wait for the green indication that your information has been checked in. Sometimes, there will be a nurse to check you in. You will wait with the other patients for your name or number to be called. Patients are taken in order. If a patient arrives late, they are seen in between patients who are in the regular que. In Taiwan, doctors usually are seated in the examination room and the patient goes in to see the doctor. This is a show of respect to the status of the doctor and also allows the doctor to see more patients.

Taichung has 68 hospitals. Several of them are known for being foreigner friendly. If you need to go to a hospital or clinic, be prepared that you may or may not find English speaking services at all levels. If you can take a friend to help translate for you, this can help make your visit much easier. Also, being aware of the cultural differences in how services are provided in this system are important. Contact us for advice or information on medical services in Taichung.

Here is a list of the foreigner friendly hospitals in Taichung:

Taichung Veterans General Hospital (across the street from DongHai University)
No. 1650, 臺灣大道四段, Xitun District
Taichung City, Taiwan 40705
+886 4 2359 2525

China Medical University Hospital (near ChongYou Department Store)
+886 4 2205 2121

Chung Shan Medical University Hospital (this hospital is on the south side of Taichung)
+886 4 2473 0022

Tungs’ Taichung (this is located on the Harbor)
No. 699, 臺灣大道八段, Wuqi District
Taichung City, Taiwan 435
+886 4 2658 1919

Kuang Tien General Hospital
+886 4 2662 5111

Jen Ai Hospital (in Dali)
No. 483, 東榮路, Dali District
Taichung City, Taiwan 412
+886 4 2481 9900

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